:: I am an 18 year old in high school. I’m planning on attending college this fall and I will be majoring in music education! My main hobbies are orchestra, theater, art, and writing! ::


+ cats
+ heartstopper
+ ofmd
+ stardew valley
+ animal crossing
+ criminal minds
+ webtoons
+ fnaf
+ minecraft
+ dioramas
+ kpop
+ the marauders
+ stuffed animals
+ imagine dragons
+ thai dramas
+ hamilton
+ sewing/crocheting
+ music composition
+ singing & acting


dni if you are:
+ racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, etc.
+ under 13
+ a transmedicalist or just involve yourself in that type of discourse constantly
+ a pro shipper
i tag:
+ gore
+ other triggering topics like suicide, sh, abuse etc.
+ nsfw (i won’t be posting/liking/rting any nsfw anyway)
i do not tag:
+ any of my interests
+ animals
+ food
+ cursing
things i need tagged:
+ insects/bugs/arachnids (drawings are fine unless they’re of spiders or like super realistic 😭)
+ body horror (normal gore is fine! i just mean the real wacky stuff)
+ anything super scary or disturbing
+ i do not use tonetags (aside from /j occasionally) unless asked to with a specific person, also please don’t use them with me! i don’t mind it occasionally tho (:
+ i use lots of emojis, i cuss, and i use all caps a lot so if that bothers you, i’d recommend not following me
+ if ur significantly younger than me we can interact but i’d prefer to not be close friends or anything!